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MOM Vaccines

is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 dedicated to providing educational information on the subject of vaccinations and to protecting and supporting individual/parental rights to make vaccine decisions in Michigan.

Activate Your Advocacy

These organizations encourage you to take action on issues that may be important to your health.

Alliance for Natural Health – USA -
The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. We protect the right of natural-health practitioners to practice and the right of consumers to choose the healthcare options they prefer. Since 1992, we have worked to shift the medical paradigm from an exclusive focus on surgery, drugs and other conventional techniques to an “integrative” approach incorporating functional foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes. This is the way to improve health and extend lives while reducing the costs of healthcare back to a sustainable level.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons -
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - AAPS - is a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country. Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine. Our motto, "omni pro aegroto" means "all for the patient." Membership is not limited to physicians - anyone can join.

Natural Solutions Foundation -
The Natural Solutions Foundation has no other goal than to support advanced healthcare and health & food freedom here in America and around the world by educating members of the US Congress, other world legislators, agencies and decision makers. We have no commercial interests and no conflict of interest in what we do. We know that alone we cannot safeguard our health freedoms. Therefore, Natural Solutions Foundation's created a "network of networks" to disseminate the facts, challenges and triumphs in our shared battle to protect, preserve and defend our right to make our own health choices based on what we, not the government, believe are the best choices for ourselves.

NVIC Advocacy
Register today to be a NVIC Advocacy Team Member to join with other like-minded grassroots activists working to protect and expand vaccine exemptions in your state.

Legal Solutions

At this time, Michigan law does not have vaccine exemptions codified for employees. Please contact the attorneys listed here for securing vaccine exemptions in the workplace.

Alan Phillips, J.D., Attorney and Counselor at Law
Alan Phillips, J.D. of Chapel Hill, NC, is one of the nation's leading vaccine rights attorneys. He advises individuals, families, attorneys, groups and organizations throughout the U.S. on vaccine exemption and waiver rights; supports legislative initiatives aimed at expanding vaccine freedom of choice; is published internationally on vaccine health and legal matters; and appears regularly at rallies, conferences, and on radio and TV shows discussion vaccine rights issues.

Patricia Finn, Attorney
This site provides information to parents and students concerning vaccination and immunization issues. Their office provides legal assistance in drafting documents to secure vaccine exemptions/immunization exemptions and in some cases litigation when appropriate.

Legislative Updates, Your Legislators

Please use these links to contact your legislators and other public servants. You may also view Candidate Responses to M.O.M. Election Questionnaires. Other vaccine-related developments will be posted as needed.

Candidate Responses for General Election November – 2012
M.O.M has been asking candidates for state and federal legislative office their views on vaccine choice since 1998. In 2007, the Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC was formed to contribute to candidates who support vaccine choice.

State of Michigan Attorney General Office -
Questions about Opinion No. 7205 - confirms philosophical exemption, permits local health departments to choose waiver form.

State of Michigan House of
Find your state representative – support my right to make vaccine decisions.

State of Michigan
Find your state senator – support my right to make vaccine decisions.

United States House of
Find your federal representative – support my right to make vaccine decisions.

United States
Find your federal senator – support my right to make vaccine decisions.