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MOM Vaccines

is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 dedicated to providing educational information on the subject of vaccinations and to protecting and supporting individual/parental rights to make vaccine decisions in Michigan.

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P.O. Box 1121
Troy, MI 48099-1121
Phone: (586) 447-2418
Fax: (586) 323-4287

Natural Health Resources and Research, Physician Referrals

Health Research

Please refer to these sites for additional knowledge on how to get healthy and stay healthy.

Ask Insider Doctors (AID) -
A membership organization dedicated to the education and implementation of the ever expanding orthomolecular health knowledge base founded on research and discoveries of Nobel Prize winning doctors and scientists.

Crusador Health News Alerts -
Crusador Enterprises and have been in business since the year 2000. With over eight years of experience in the health and nutrition field we bring you the facts with honesty. We are not motivated by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies or large corporations. We are motivated to bring you the truth of what the FDA does not tell you and expose the untruths and myths of this confusing world of prescription drugs and government regulations.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. Total Health
My motivation, whether you are a member of the community, or have just heard about me for the first time, is to make you as healthy as you can possibly be. This involves: Providing the most up to date natural health information and resources that will most benefit you AND exposing corporate, government and mass media hype that diverts you away from what is truly best for your health and often to a path that leads straight to an early grave.

Natural Allopathic
The mission of Natural Allopathic Medicine is to promote a more humane and integral form of medicine based on hard medical truth. Natural Allopathic Medicine envisions a future for modern medicine, one which trails away from pharmaceutical terrorism and medical insanity. A rational scientific evidenced based approach to medicine will lead us away from much of the iatrogenic death and disease we are now witnessing. Medicine is only a pleasure and an honor to practice when we do what is right for our patients and they get well.

Physician Referrals

M.O.M. has a Doctor Referral List (Michigan only) that we are happy to mail/fax/email to you – just call 586-447-2418 or email us with your request. Please use the sources below to find additional alternative-minded doctors in Michigan and elsewhere.

American Association of Naturopathic
ANNP's vision is to transform the healthcare system from a disease management system to a comprehensive health program incorporating the principles of naturopathic medicine. We believe that every American has the right to choose a naturopathic doctor and every naturopathic doctor has the opportunity to be a successful practitioner.

American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology -
The American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology is dedicated to establishing and maintaining guidelines and standards for the practice of Clinical Metal Toxicology and to the assurance of a superior level of competence on the part of physicians treating patients with this spectrum of expanding global afflictions. These standards will be reflected in certification by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and by the requirement for periodic recertification, insuring dedication and diligence on the part of all members. We at the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology dedicate ourselves to these principles of Advanced Medicine.

American College for Advancement in
ACAM is the leading association for integrative medicine physicians from around the world. Our professional members hold MD, DO, ND, or other master-level degrees and most hold clinical practices. Integrative medicine combines conventional care with alternative medicine to improve patient care.

International College of Integrative Medicine
ICAM is a community of dedicated healthcare professionals advancing emergent innovative therapies in integrative and preventive healthcare by conducting educational sessions, supporting research and publications and cooperating with other professional and scientific organizations, while always promoting the highest standards of practice.

Michigan Chiropractic Pediatric
To engage and serve Michigan families through the promotion of chiropractic care and public education, as well as by establishing meaningful communication with other healthcare professionals and organizations.

Michigan Midwives
The Michigan Midwives Association (MMA) represents a network of midwives, childbirth professionals, and students, and the spectrum of the Midwives Model of Care. We believe out-of-hospital births, attended by trained midwives, are an essential option for healthy women and their families. We support the rights of parents to make informed decisions about childbirth. The MMA supports advances in the profession of midwifery which enhance quality, community, and education among midwives, consumers, and other health care providers. The MMA is a non-profit corporation.